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EZVMS-9500-VMS Software

  • Powerful Centralized Management Capability

    • Scaling 10,000 cameras in a single platform

    • Carrying up to maximum of 300 online users

    • Providing unified configuration for Uniview devices

    • Implementing automatic discovery and addition of devices

    • Customized empowerment setting, each camera and each function can be empowered separately

    Unwavering Reliability

    • Providing continually monitoring and video recording even when the VMS is powered off

    • Supporting 1+1 failover deployment

    • Implementing redundancy storage with IPSAN

    • HTTPS, certificate creation and upload, 802.1x authentication, ARP protection

    Strong Compatibility

    • Accepting third-party IPC with ONVIF conformance

    • Providing SDK for a third party to develop various personalized applications

    Effective Functions

    • Hundreds of functions integrated to increase efficiency for users

    • User-defined alarm processing mechanism

    • Integrating instant messaging specified for surveillances

    • Unified management of NVR, IPC, decoder, alarm host, access control host devices; support device configuration import/export

    • Live view, playback, and sequence on video wall

    • Two-way audio

    • E-map

    • Real-time alarm, alarm plan

  • ITEM Description
    Maximum number of cameras Up to 2000 devices and 10000 channels by single platform
    30,000 channels by Multistage interconnection
    Maximum number of Decoder 30 pcs
    User Max 300 Users
    Max 64 Mobile App Users (Calculated in 300 Users)
    Roles for each User 16 Roles
    Recording and playback
    Playback NVR recording playback
    Up to 24 channels; synchronous playback up to 16 channels
    Function and feature Recording schedule, recording search by time/file/event, recording download, snapshot, digital zoom, multiple playback speeds (-16x to 16x), audio.
    Alarm management
    Alarm type Multiple service and device alarm types
    Alarm plan Support
    Alarm triggered action Alarm triggered actions including live view, alarm input/output, and preset
    Cross-device action triggering
    Alarm records View and acknowledge latest alarms
    View, acknowledge and search history alarm records
    Video wall
    Video wall configuration Video wall plan, Split screen
    Video on wall Play live video on video wall (supports sequence operation), recorded video on video wall
    Corridor format, Preview and playback for decoding channels

    Minimum Client Workstation PC Requirements

    Item Minimum Configuration
    Operating system Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 10 (32/64 bit, Professional or Enterprise)
    Windows sever 2008 (64-bit)
    CPU Intel Pentium4.3.0@3.0 GHz
    Memory 2GB
    Display adapter Video memory of 265 MB or higher
    Free disk space Minimum 3GB for Single Site Systems
    NIC Fast Ethernet port
    Display resolution 1024 x 768

    Minimum Management Server Requirements

    Item Minimum Configuration
    Operating system CentOS 7.3 64-bit
    CPU Intel Xeon E3-1275 v5@3.60GHz
    Memory 16GB
    Free disk space Minimum 4TB
    NIC 1000Mbps Ethernet port

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